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Maxidus pills for men! An amazing all natural enhancement capsule.  Maxidus forces you to have an explosive Erection! In our opinion, Maxidus is better than Golden root Complex.

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  • The beautiful thing about Maxidus is that you don't have to take it for weeks or months to feel its revitalising effect.

    That's because Maxidus sex pills work within 10-30 minutes for a majority of the individuals... even without sexual stimulation. The most amazing thing about Maxidus is that once the herbs are in your body, they have

    the innate ability to remain there for up to 4 days!

    And during this time, you will be more than ready for any possible sexual encounters that might come your way... even if you are currently just having minor erctile dysfunction it will help give you the boost you need.

    Buy Maxidus to try it out, you wont be disappointed its a small price to pay to once again get back your sex life or rekindle your relationship with a loved one and at Love2Night we offer Maxidus at the lowest prices in the UK.

    Maxidus is a fantastic product to help men with impotence, erectile dysfunction, improve male sexual enhancement and increase libido.

    Maxidus is among the best male enhancement pills that will give you a harder erection, helping you last longer in bed.

    • Maxidus for men pills take effect within 30 minutes.
    • Tongkat Ali will boost testosterone levels and aid sexual stamina.
    • Natural aphrodisiac effects to excite sexual organs.
    • Increase sexual desire, fulfill sexual pleasure and give powerful and strong ejaculations.
    • Poweful erections, stronger and harder.
    • Effects may last up to 4 days.

    Buy Maxidus Sex Pills

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    The main ingredient in Maxidus is a proven aphrodisiac plant called Eurycoma Longifolia. It has been widely used in Southeast Asia for centuries to help lasting longer in bed, enhance the sexual health and vitality of both men and women.

    Eurycoma Longifolia (popularly known as Tongkat Ali in Malaysia and Pasak Bumi in Indonesia) was relatively unknown in the world a few years ago, but has recently overtaken Yohimbe as the undisputed "King of Aphrodisiac Herb" for its potent benefits... without the dangerous side effects of Yohimbe, a herb which has been banned in many countries.

    Eurycoma Longifolia is also used by bodybuilders and sportsmen throughout the world as a natural testosterone enhancer.

    Eurycoma Longifolia (154 mg) – Tongkat Ali

    Flos Catharmi (24.5 mg) – This herb is used traditionally to invigorate blood circulation, support the heart and liver functions and as a mild sedative to calm sexual anxiety. Invigorates blood supply to genitals.

    Rhizoma Cucurmae Longae (49 mg) – could help to eliminate blood stasis, promote the flow of “qi” to genital area and relieve pain.

    Ginkgo Biloba (49 mg) - A popular herb which has been shown to increases blood flow to capillaries through out the body. Has a potent relaxing effect on vascular smooth muscle and improves blood supply to corpus cavernosum (the erectile chambers) which is helpful for erectile dysfunction. Has also been used to treat peripheral vascular disease. Improves oxygenated blood flow to the brain and other organs to strengthen heart, lungs, skin and genitals.

    Herba Epimedii (24.5 mg) - A well known herb that has been used for centuries to treat impotence, involuntary ejaculation, reinforce seminal emission, strengthen tendons, bones and limbs, and relieve rheumatic conditions.

    Herba Cistanches (24.5 mg) One of the most popular and potent tonic herbs that enhances sexual function, treats impotence, and strengthens the back and knees.

    Astragalus Membranaceus (24.5 mg) – Astragalus is an antioxidant which inhibits free radical production. Has been shown to strengthen and regulate the immune system. Also can help to accelerate new tissue growth.

    Momordica charantia L (Ku Gua) (30.0mg) – Ku Gua which also known as “Bitter Gourd” has also been shown to reduce body fat thereby increasing body testosterone levels. A high level of testosterone is essential to increased semen production and sexual desire, It’s a fantastic source of Vitamin C.

    All in all, each capsule of MAXIDUS supplies you with a Ultimate 380.00 mg of turbo charged sex fuel!

    How to Take:

    Take one 350mg Maxidus sex capsule with a glass of water up to a maximum of 2 capsules in any 24 hour period.




New and good

Just discovered these, gave them a try and to say im please is an understatement. Its true you do sometimes have to try one or two to find what's right for you. Wont be changing from these in a hurry.



    Seem to work ok a sometimes take 2 in one day though. But all in all great...


      All Good

      Maxidus is what ive used for years, glad I found it on your site, well priced and works very well as always.





          Good gear

          Works well guys, will be back.

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          Thanks great product works well

          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

          Work well

          Switched to these and very pleased great customer service too thank you.

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          Great product

          Hi just thought id let you know how i got on with these. They work well and no sides for me at all so thumbs up, cheers.

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          Maxidus Capsules - Sex Pills

          Maxidus Capsules - Sex Pills

          Maxidus pills for men! An amazing all natural enhancement capsule.  Maxidus forces you to have an explosive Erection! In our opinion, Maxidus is better than Golden root Complex.