Golden Root Complex - Erectile Dysfunction
    Golden Root Complex - Erectile Dysfunction
    Golden Root Complex - Erectile Dysfunction

    Golden Root Complex


    Golden Root Complex is one of the most successful herbal pills for men, designed to combat erectile dysfunction and lack of libido. Golden Root is our most popular sexual health supplement for men, delivering great results time after time. Golden Root pills are fast acting, long lasting and formulated with all natural herbal ingredients

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    Golden Root Sexual Health Supplement

    These capsules are a strong sexual enhancement for men, packed with all-natural ingredients to create one of the most powerful libido enhancers on the market today. Golden Root pills are fast acting and deliver strong erections, giving sexual endurance and powerful orgasms. If you are looking for a herbal supplement in 2024 Golden Root is a great choice.

    Rhodiola Rosea (main ingredient) has gained a reputation as a natural way to increase libido and improve sexual desire, by supporting overall vitality and reducing fatigue. Golden root is known for its ability to boost energy levels and Studies also suggest improved circulation for optimal blood flow to the genital area. Golden roots mood boosting properties can help alleviate feelings of anxiety and mild depression, which are known to negatively impact libido and sexual function. 

    Golden root and is packed with the right combination of herbal extracts such as Rhodiola Rosea which delivers a powerful and concentrated positive effect, getting to work within 30-60 minutes.

    Golden root generic (blue pill) is as popular as ever with sales easily outstripping the competition, it’s no wonder Golden Root has been branded by many as the herbal Viagra.

    Buy Golden Root Capsules Online

    You can buy Golden Root Complex on mobile phone, desktop and tablet safely and securely at Love2Night.  We offer low cost shipping with orders usually despatched the same day. We ship to most EU countries which is posted tracked express, usually arriving in 3-4 working days. All orders are sent out discreetly, in plain packaging so there is nothing to suggest what is inside.

    • 10 x Golden Root Capsules £20.98
    • 20 x Golden Root Capsules £39.98
    • 40 x Golden Root Capsules £74.98
    • 60 x Golden Root Capsules £98.98


    Golden Root Product Information

    • 10 X Capsules in a sealed blister pack.
    • Pure natural herb extracts.
    • Easy to swallow.
    • Long lasting (Up to 36 hours).
    • No known side effects.
    • Strong erection within 30-40 minutes.
    • Enhanced Orgasm experience.
    • Strong libido enhancer for men.


    Golden Root Herbal Supplement

    Golden Root is a herbal supplement containing natural ingredients derived from plants such as herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. The combination of natural ingredients are formulated to deliver a strong sexual performance enhancer for men. 

    Golden Root Ingredients

    Rhodiola Rosea, Cynomorium Songaricum, Tongkat Ali, Leuzea Carthamoides Ext, Siberian Ginseng Ext, Schisandra Chinensis Ext, Schisandra Chinensis, Muira Pauma, Saw Palmetto, Damiana, Chuchuhuhuasi, Guarana Seed, Cayenne, Grape Seex Ext, Kwaopet

     Golden Root Complex Dosage and how to take

    1 (One) Golden root pill to be taken with a glass of water, 30-40 minutes before sexual activity.
    Do not exceed two pills within 24 hour period.
    Not to be used by anyone under the age of 18.
    Whilst these are natural and do not require a prescription they will increase blood flow, so they should not be taken if you suffer from any kind of heart condition or blood pressure, If in doubt consult your doctor.

    Be prepared to regain your confidence in the bedroom, with Golden Root.

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    Golden Root Complex

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    • 10 Capsules £20.98
    • 20 Capsules £39.98
    • 40 Capsules £74.98
    • 60 Capsules £98.98