Have more Sex this Winter!


As the dark, cold nights draw in you should think about heating things up in the bedroom because having sex during winter has a range of surprising benefits.

The weather and seasonal changes affect not just our mood but also our desire to have sex.

Generally, we are stuck inside during the winter months, therefore we spend more time with our partners, leading to enjoying more sex, which in turn offers a range of health benefits.

Sex boosts your immunity system

During the winter months we are generally more susceptible to becoming sick due to being surrounded by other people who cough and sneeze over us in the office, in shops or on public transport.

One easy way to boost your immunity is to have sex. 

Having sex during the winter months can boost both our physical and mental health, Sex can improve your quality of sleep.

When you turn the central heating on as the temperatures drop, it makes the air dry and you may find yourself waking up with a sore throat or stuffy nose, disturbing your sleep. You may also struggle to get to sleep if you feel cold too.

Having sex before you go to sleep great way to combat these problems and keep you warm enough without the heating in the bedroom.

The oxytocin released during orgasm promotes sleep and post coitally, your brain releases slumber-inducing chemicals like serotonin and opioids that make you feel more relaxed and drowsier.

Sex will make you feel less stressed

Sex is a great stress reliever. Being cooped up inside in close proximity to other people can be stressful, which can have a negative impact upon your sex life.

Stress can reduce your sex drive (Libido) and lead to sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness and tightness, all of which can cause relationship problems and of course creating more stress.

When you feel stressed, your body produces cortisol, blocking the production of testosterone. However, having sex can decrease stress levels and promote a better night’s sleep as well as lowering your blood pressure.

The endorphins produced when you have sex (As it does with exercise) will make you feel happy and energised.

Sex makes you feel good

For many people the onset of winter can lead to seasonal depression as we experience less daylight, spend less time outdoors and the temperature drops.

As the sun sets earlier, leaving us with longer, darker afternoons and evenings, we often find ourselves eating our evening meals in our pyjamas, which can impact upon our sex life too.

For those who do experience symptoms of seasonal depression, such as losing interest in things you love doing, feelings of depression for no apparent reason and wanting to sleep more than a bear in hibernation, you can overcome these winter blues by having sex!

Sex releases endorphins, making you feel happier and boosting your relationship.

It’s also exercise so if you dread the thought of having to drag yourself to the gym on a cold, dark winter’s evening, why not indulge in a more pleasurable and beneficial form of exercise with your partner to work up a sweat and benefit from all those endorphins too.

Winter sex boosts your chances of getting pregnant

Trying to conceive? According to the National Statistics Office, more babies are conceived in winter months with December being the most popular.

Couples have more sex during the winter months because there is less to do and they spend less time outside, which may explain why more babies are conceived in the winter months.

Dont let the dark winter months get you down, have more sex.

You will feel healthier and fitter

We are far less active in winter than any other time of year, hence all those gym clubs offering us discount joining fees. Forget about the gym have Sex and make sure you have it frequently, benefits include cardio work out and endorphin release which stimulates the body and mind.

Sex saves you money

Sex is free, although some may beg to differ. Having regular sex with your partner on those dark winter nights will save you money.

No more having to think of something to do, boredom makes us eat and eat too much, no late night visits to the takeaway.

Save on the obvious fuel cost, use your energy in the bedroom and not on utilities.

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Benefits of Love and Sex NHS Website

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